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A lantern slide from one of Richard Berry’s public lectures

early 20th century

A lantern slide from one of Richard Berry’s public lectures

My work as an activist historian ...

  • ‘The Eugenic Turn in Schooling’: The hidden history of eugenics, Part 3. Presented on ABC Radio National at 11.05am Wednesday 10 August 2016. Prepared by Natasha Mitchell and Ross Jones   In this four-part series, ABC RN's Natasha Mitchell reveals a little-told story of misplaced power, misguided science, and social engineering. Are we on the cusp of a new 'liberal' eugenics, driven by modern genetics and the mantra of individual choice? From wrenching personal accounts of enforced sterilization to the fledgling foundations of education in Australia; have we learned from the mistakes of our past or are we at risk of repeating them?

  • “How did eugenics thrive in Melbourne?” Interviewed by the Age newspaper 30 November 2015 for Marika Dobbin

  • Interview with Rafael Epstein on the afternoon show 30 November 2015 “Renaming Melbourne University’s buildings”

  • Contributor to series 6 of SBS documentary series Whom do you think you are? Jackie Weaver, filmed 18 June 2013, screened 22 July 2014

  • Historical advisor to the Philatelic Group, Australia Post, for the series of stamps: Eminent Doctors, 2011-12

  • Historical advisor and contributor to the documentary ‘Ned’s Head’ television documentary concerning the provenance of a reclaimed skull proposed to be that of the bushranger Ned Kelly. Telecast on SBS 4 September 2011, Prospero Productions, Freemantle, WA, directed by Rebecca Ciallella, 2011

  • My work on the history of eugenics was featured in the Melbourne Age on 13 September 2011 in an article by Erica Cervini ‘A theory out of the darkness’ (909 Facebook recommendations — more than double the next most successful article in the year). My work on the history of anatomy has been featured in two Melbourne Age newspaper feature articles: ‘A Fine Body of Work’ 2 February 2008 and ‘The Body Shop’ 29 May 2007 and in the University of Melbourne student magazine, Farrago, in ‘Dark History’ by Nathan Gardner, 19 October 2011.

  • Interview with Alan Brough Sunday Morning radio ABC Melbourne 23 October 2011 ‘Eugenics in Melbourne’

  • Advisor to the Wellcome Trust, London, on the repatriation request for a phial of ‘Tasmanian aboriginal hair’ 2009-2012

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