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Historian and Author



Historian and Author

My work broadly covers everything to do with the history of human biology and its impact on society. This means the history of racism, eugenics, anthropology and anatomy.

BA Hons (Melb) Dip. Ed. (Melb) M.Ed.Stud. (Monash) Ph.D. (Monash)

Current Position:
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne, Indigenous History of the University of Melbourne Project.

Ross L. Jones, Historian & Author

This website delves into mysteries of the past as well as their impact now and in the future ...

As the present is transient – becoming both the past and the future simultaneously – the historian is no mere antiquarian or chronicler.

The past only becomes “a foreign country”, as L.P. Hartley writes, if ignored, forgotten, or misunderstood.

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The Death Mask of Ned Kelly

Publications | Non-Fiction

Anatomists of Empire: Race, Evolution and the Discovery of Human Biology in the British World


Australian Scholarly Publishing: North Melbourne, 2020

+ + +

Humanity's Mirror: 150 Years of Anatomy in Melbourne


Haddington Press: North Melbourne, 2007

Crime Novel
Missing Skulls and a Flying Coffin:

a Pink and Wong mystery

A historical detective novel set in 1921, primarily in Melbourne but also in Tasmania, country Victoria and Bangkok. It stars Ambrose Pink, a shell-shocked young doctor; Charlotte Wong, a young Chinese woman barrister;  a deadly new disease; a group of right-wing terrorists and a cast of colorful, and occasionally historically true, characters. The task Ambrose and Charlotte set themselves is to stop the disease from being released to create mayhem and a coup d'état. Ancient skulls and anatomy dissecting theaters also figure prominently.

The Queen of Thailand, P. V. van Stein Callenfels and skull


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Source : National Library of Medicine

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